Euro IA Summit 2006

This is somewhat old news, yet it is still relevant. Three of us went to the second European Information Architecture Summit in Berlin a few weeks ago. It’s a small conference and the quality of the presentations varied quite a lot, but the summit provided interesting insights on current trends in the fuzzy field of IA.

The sitemap as a deliverable, for example, is finally dying and in the future you will probably notice more websites, which looks and works much more like traditional applications. As information architects this means we are going to spend much more time doing interaction design and creating models for metadata, taxonomies and the like. The summit was keynoted by Peter Morville. He (and co-author Louis Rosenfeld) wrote what many consider to be the IA-bible and they originally coined the term information architecture. He made a great talk on ambient findability and information architecture beyond websites. Go here to see his presentation (.ppt).

And by the way, Peter Risborg had his first days at work during our trip to Berlin, so off course we did not miss the opportunity to have some… teambuilding activities during the nights . That is our duty, afterall.

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