sIFR = Better visual identity on the web


Can you tell who made the above picture? You probably can. At least if you’ve seen Danish commercials… Well yes, I clipped it from the telephone company, TDC. The interesting question is why you know that TDC made it? That has got to do with colours and font. Font! Didn’t I just tell you that it’s from the web? If so, it must be a bmp, jpg or the like, since fonts on the internet are restricted to boring classics grounded usability issues? Well, not any more. When TDC re-launched a couple of days ago, they did it using sIFR and thereby emphasizing their visual identity. (sIFR is a new java/flash technology that allows you to convert traditional fonts into whatever font you like – even self made ones. Read more about sIFR.)

So from now on it’s possible to have specialized fonts on the web without making fonts to pictures (and thereby giving in on the searchabillity of your site). Something I predict to become a smash hit at 1508. You agree?

By Rudolf

2 Responses to sIFR = Better visual identity on the web

  1. Hartvig says:

    sIFR is really nice, the best about it is that it’s doing all that fancy typography without compromising accesibility (and if that’s to unsexy for your client, fuck him or say SEO posibilities ;-))

    The way it work is that is uses javascript to validate if flash is available and then uses fancy DOM scripting to replace traditional html headers (like h1, h3, etc) with small flash bits showing the nice works from FontFont or whatever you fancy. When using a mobilephone or a screenreader, the flash isn’t shown but traditional css styling options are still available.

    However; use with care. Loads of sIFR on one page slows it down and the sIFR magic can also cause minor flashes/blinks when the page is loaded.

    And oh – did I forgot to tell you that websites made with umbraco have been using sIFR almost since the beginning. I’m even considering it to replace the current “Insert graphical headline” option in umbraco where a small png or gif is created based on font/color settings in the design-manual ;-)

  2. I decided to take it off my own site a couple of weeks ago. with the new annoying security features you have to click “unsecure” flash elements to make them active. They will show but will not work as a link for.ex. before you click them twice…

    so no more sifr blog headlines for me..

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