The strategy and the board

The first meeting with the new board of 1508 was held at Jomfruens Egede’s manor house. A really nice place to have discussions and do big thinking. The theme for the meeting was the new strategy for our business.


The crew.

Chrille and Niels

Best IT-brains in business.


M&M without nuts.

Ms Rix

Rix della Rix thinking.

Niels H

The chairman is drawing the outline of our business strategy.


Chrille is presenting the products in the area of development.

The board has two new members. Our new chairman is Niels Hermansen. He’s a really cool guy, with a head for strategy. The other guy is Niels Appel – CES at Microsoft. That man knows a lot about sales… but also has a real IT-brain. We are still looking two more members. But we are choosy which means that that process takes time.

Soon you will hear more about our challenging ideas :-)

By Rixixine

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