Context is king

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about “content is king”, but things are changing. Content is just not enough. You have to offer content in a social context. That’s why Myspace and YouTube are such huge successes, because these services make you manage and exchange content. A Norwegian guy – Eirik Solheim – has some interesting thoughts about this issue.

When you compare Myspace and YouTube with a institution of culture, MTV, a trend is easy to spot. MTV is just another channel of information – while Myspace and YouTube involve and make people interact. That has an effect on how their sites expand.


So, offering information all alone is not really sufficient. If you want to have success – then you have to interact with the users.

By Ms Rix 3.0

One Response to Context is king

  1. Just as a minor add on – MTV and other companies that live of the moving target is well aware of such evolvment of the market and has already take the fist steps to get closer to the whole web 2.0 oh-social-oh-so-cool (which has been around longer that the buzz
    words in our mouth) with Microsoft t create the URGE which is Microsofts counter attack to the Ipod and Itunes (+Store).
    The site will be runed by Mtv and the techonoligy is then by Microsoft.
    Read more here or google URGE+MTV+MICROSOFT.


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