Gain Conference: Design and Business

A few weeks ago, 1508 had sent Ms Rix to New York to join a very interesting conference “AIGA Gain Conference” about design and business.

It really was an exciting conference. It’s major theme was how design makes a difference. A differentiating factor which makes a significant difference on the bottom line. This point of view towards the design business is not common – but really relevant!

Here are some highlights from the conference:

Tom KelleyA man called Tom
That man – Tom Kelley – really is something. Not only has he developed the well-known design company IDEO, but he has also written some really interesting books about design and innovation. The latest one is “The Ten Faces of Innovation”. You must read this one!

One of the main issues at the conference was sustainability. When will we Danish start thinking – seriously – about these things..? In the States, they are ahead of us in Denmark – and presumably in the rest of Europe.

Design changes business
A guy from The British Council, Harry Rich, presented a very interesting – and non-academic – report on how design makes a difference for the companies using design. The Council has through the last 5-6 years proceeded methodically with how the business use design as a strategic tool – and what the factual results are. They can document how companies who are investing in design create a better result on the bottom line – or a bigger return of investment.

Salat case

Selling by Design
The last – but absolutely best – speaker was Blair Enns. An expert on how to sell design – and most interesting how you can avoid to pitch. Enns was an oracle – and his models and ways of managing the selling process will soon reflect our business!

If you work in the field of design, then you have to join the conference next year. It was really something.

By the selling Ms Rix

2 Responses to Gain Conference: Design and Business

  1. Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to that man from that chat who told me to visit your blog :)

  2. Jane Goody says:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected for when I found a link on Digg telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

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