It’s that time of the year again.

MacWorld time. The Mac fan community is buzzing with rumors, centered around Steve Jobs annual keynote speech.

A quick roundup on what I expect the keynote to contain:

This is already announced, very un-apple-like. My guess is a more thourough presentation of iTV and a release date.
Also expect a release date if it is not immediately available.

Steve will reveal more “top-secret” features with non-technical names to kill off Vista. If any release date will be announced it will probably be late march.

New Macs:
The Mac Pro will be introduced with the new Core 2 Quad processors. The top end models are lagging behind since there is no native Intel version of Adobes Creative Suite yet. Rosetta isn’t all that good.

New Displays:
Apple has discontinued the iSight, and are building it into all its computers, the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini are the only ones without it, so an integration in the Cinema Displays seem obvious.
On top of that rumors have been floating around for more than a year that a Cinema-style 50″ display are in the works.. A perfect partner for iTV.

iWork and ILife ’07
These are almost too easy. Perhaps the will be bundled to compete directly with MS Office.

One more thing…
The sentence that gets everybody exited. Last year Steve introduced the new Intel line of Macbook Pros, this year chance are that we’ll see one of the following:

Except that it wont be called the iPhone, everybody is cheering for it, but I’m pretty sure its not gonna happen. Why?

I think he is right on all his negative accounts.

Touch-Screen video iPod?
With widescreen players and especially the Zune on the market, Apple can’t afford just to sit tight. An updated video iPod isn’t that far off.
Patents have been discovered with all kinds of touchscreen niftyness. Features should include: Bluetooth, Wifi, Touchscreen.

We will all know next week. :)

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