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Steven Herrington
Illustrator extraordinaire Steven Herrington

You can’t get around Group94 on the net, they have made tons of flash sites and they excel at it as no other. Speaking of flash, check out these couple of sites Gringo & Ginga

Nice to meet you
Another community site for designers: Nice To Meet You, this is what they say about it:

“Nice To Meet You™ is (yet another) platform for creative people and companies around the world that urges its members to get in touch with others and have an outlet for their creativity. In other words, this is a space to promote yourself and your work – but even better – to get in touch with other registered users.We supply you with your own “” where you can write a description about yourself or your company, as well as show examples of your work.

Nice to Meet You™ is user driven in that sense, so it’s up to our users to do what they want with the space that we offer. Comments, private messaging and a strong search engine are just a few of the functions that Nice to Meet You™ handles right now – with more exciting features just down the road. “

– S

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