Si Scott
One of the guys behind Non-Formats’ illustrations the Si Scott is an english illustrator with a nice typographic technique go check him out, but be aware the navigation could use some adjusting.

The Precursor site is up here because of the navigation, it’s (con)text based meaning you can write directly on the site and request a specific project very much like the old days when you were using DOS and amiga, can be confusing sometimes so be sure to read how to navigate the site.

Area 17 refers to the optical cortex of the brain where vision and creativity are processed. It also refers to our Interactive Agency where vision and creativity are realized”
Arnaud Mercier’s company in NYC. A site with great work.

For the people who havn’t yet seen Adobe’ newsletter Edge go check it out it’s excellent. This month they go behind Big Spaceship’s Nike project and other projects.

Last but not least Goodby, Silverstein & Partners + Ken Garland


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