New design methods coming up

At the moment, we are working on some cool projects, where we are introducing some new kinds of design methods. Of course we will write about them on this blog as soon we have relevant references.


Soon you will hear a lot about our huge web project for Carlsberg, and how we have been working with the blue ocean strategy developing the design concept. You will also be filled in on an interesting identity project for the new biotech company, Symphogen that is approaching IPO status.


We are also working on a project in the field of service design, which is becoming one of our prominent areas of expertise. It’s a challenge because this business area is in progress all over. One should perhaps say beta-mode.

In England, several design firms have worked with service design for some years.  One of the good ones is Live Work manage by Lavrans Lovlie, who is really a capacity in the field of service design.

In March, the Design Management Institute is having a design conference “11th DMI European Design Management Conference” here in Copenhagen. At this conference, Lavrans Lovlie will talk about service design. Unfortunately, the crew from 1508 will not be around, because we all are going to NY on a research trip. Well… that will also be interesting, and we will do some anthropological work looking for some new projects in the field of service design :-)

The researching Rix

4 Responses to New design methods coming up

  1. rureferats says:

    Студенческий портал. На нашем ресурсе всегда самая свежая база рефератов, курсовых и сочинетий.
    Самые выдающиеся, редкие и качественные курсовые, рефераты и сочинения есть только на нашем портале! Мы стремимся помочь тем кто хочет учится на отлично!

  2. oriersejava says:

    Предложите свой список, будет интересно почитать)

    здесь видел ет

  3. Большое спасибо за замечательную возможность оставлять комментарии на Вашей странице!

  4. Сергей says:

    А я так посмотрю, Вы как всегда немногословны ;)

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