TimeLog Derby prototype

February 1, 2007

Timelog is a tool for registering your working hours used by 1508 among others. It’s far from fun or entertaining but it is a very important administration tool.

This prototype sketch illustrates a game that could bring fun into timelogging. Each employee has a racing horse that will jump forward when she timelogs. Each friday there’s a small price for the most diligent collegue.

TimeLog Derby



A Bunch of crazy links

January 24, 2007

Go to Diesel.com and check their new site. They are doing some sort of viral thing which is quite funny.

Anybody interested in flash design experimentation should look at this, crazy stuff from the labs of Mathieu Badimon

Adidas Y-3 old but still good
Darren Firth
Banksy be sure to check out the shop its free of charge
Audrey Kawasaki amazing illustrations
Anteprima Japanese fashion brand with explosive site
Charles S. Andersen
Found Associates Nice work. Site by Engage
Christiane Beaulieu Yuo should definitely check this one out. Quite funny and good work, makes you wonder whats real and not.
And last but not least atypography site, the great Lineto

Design Observer + SpeakUp

January 18, 2007

The blog “Design Oberserver” was founded by heavy-weight designers, writers and thinkers from Pentagram: Michael Bierut, Jessica Helfand and Rick Poynor among others. It is one of the best places to look for intelligent discourse on graphical design and visual culture.

Another very good resource is “SpeakUp”, which is very much like Design Obeserver but with a slightly more humorous/light hearted angle to the articles. Here every designer can discuss what’s on their minds. If you want to have a small idea of how designers think you must check these blogs out and contribute, because without critical thought we will only amass mediocre solutions.

And talking about critical thought check these links out:


M-o-n-a-m-o-u-r Now defunct, but always good for creative inspiration
Asterik Studio
Zip Design


January 17, 2007

Si Scott
One of the guys behind Non-Formats’ illustrations the Si Scott is an english illustrator with a nice typographic technique go check him out, but be aware the navigation could use some adjusting.

The Precursor site is up here because of the navigation, it’s (con)text based meaning you can write directly on the site and request a specific project very much like the old days when you were using DOS and amiga, can be confusing sometimes so be sure to read how to navigate the site.

Area 17 refers to the optical cortex of the brain where vision and creativity are processed. It also refers to our Interactive Agency where vision and creativity are realized”
Arnaud Mercier’s company in NYC. A site with great work.

For the people who havn’t yet seen Adobe’ newsletter Edge go check it out it’s excellent. This month they go behind Big Spaceship’s Nike project and other projects.

Last but not least Goodby, Silverstein & Partners + Ken Garland


Erik Spiekermann – SpiekerBlog 2.0

January 16, 2007

If you are a typomaniac then you know Erik Spiekermanns, he just recently updated his blog from German to English. Go check it out, especially under the download section where you can download and view the movies he has made over the years about typographic.

Just to give you an idea of his work here are some of the typefaces he has designed: ff Meta, itc Officina, ff Info, ff Unit, LoType, Berliner Grotesk.


– S

Show me your desk

January 14, 2007

Ever wondered how creative people keep their work area organized, or how they live, well for a long time now I have been keeping this link to myself, but it is too good not to let you know about it, as it is a very interesting cultural reference. Another thing of interest is also to see that many creatives, almost always, have a lot different things on their desks, especially small toys and gadgets, and here at 1508 we sort of have the same thing going on, maybe it’s a design thing who knows.




 – S

Germano Facetti’s penguins

January 3, 2007

From at time when graphic design was more about clear ideas and less about stock photography and gradients…





Click and comment – please :-)

November 23, 2006

With a little help from our friends…or we just want to pick your brains
TBWA in London has come up with an interesting concept, it’s a blog called The Lab. The idea is to let everybody with a creative mind, help TBWA solve their ad-related problems.

My question to you, dear reader – Do you think it will fly?

What’s your colour?
Adobe has made a very interesting homepage – Kuler, where you can select colours you like, share it with others, and rate it. Try it out at

Is it a magazine or a homepage?
These days you find a lot of very nice magazines, where the graphics and pictures are just beautiful. Now comes the hybrid between a homepage and a magazine. Its called Prova, and has the layout of a magazine, but the Flashy features of a homepage. 

By Rying

TED talks – you should listen

October 11, 2006

Ted small

If you don’t already know TED, do drop by at www.ted.com. Here you will find the latest ideas within technology, entertainment, design and business presented by some of the world’s most fascinating people. Click on TEDTalks and download the podcasts episodes to your ipod. They are all about 20 minutes long – perfect for commuting to work. I recommend Hans Rosling, Sir Ken Robinson and Nicholas Negroponte.

By Rying