Sweet Talk 18

February 8, 2007

Sweet Talk
Sweet Talk

Hey everybody in Copenhagen (and vicinity),

this might be short notice but tonight there’s going to be an event at Republikken on Vesterbrogade, if you want see and hear some nice work come and take part.
Sweet Talk is happening in Dublin, New York & Copenhagen.
Just to get an idea here are some pictures for you to view

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Here is what Richard Seabrooke from Sweet Talk has to say about it:

SweetTalk started over a year, and 17 editions, ago to encourage stimulating conversations about Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Fine Art, Animation, Photography and all those excellent disciplines in between that make up the fantastic creative world around us.

SweetTalk is about seeing the people LIVE onstage who practice these disciplines best… Pioneers, Legends and forthright thinkers. They are there so you can hear them firsthand in a relaxed, enthusiastic atmosphere,not a stuffy cold conference style format. People who attend get to make up their own minds on what the speakers have to say about their work and working process. We try as much as possible too not to tax the patrons, preferring to charge the minimum amount to cover costs and keep this going, something that has stood as we’ve moved out of Irish only editions to the UK, Scandinavia and now the States…
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Candy in association with Tiger Beer present Sweettalk 18, Copenhagen.

Admission: 75DKR. Tiger Beer reception from 7pm, first speaker 8pm.
Limited edition treats for early arrivers!

Bleed (Norway). http://www.bleed.no
Martin De Thurah (Denmark). http://www.dethurah.dk
Ingen Frygt (Denmark). http://www.ingenfrygt.dk

Hope to see you there
– Shaft



January 30, 2007


I just couldn’t help but put this one out there, not just because it has a Japanese video intro but also because the works are pretty damn good. If you dont believe me go look at it for yourself and be impressed! i know some of you certainly have seen some of the work in the portfolio.

– S

Scandinavian designers (pt.1)

January 30, 2007

Zion Graphics

Amazing motion graphics from Pistachios: GE996 – Old but still sweet as hell (does anybody by chance know the soundtrack to this piece?)

MerMerMer from Göteborg

This Way Design
We Recommend
B-Reel, not Cypress Hill but Swedish designers
SuperShapes, old site but still worth the visit, and hey!? don’t these guys from the States look very similar Ingredient
Made By Made
Markus Karlsson

– S

Typography blogging and Chris Bolton

January 28, 2007

The Art of Type is a panel discussion about typography from Extensis, go and listen now!

Extensis Font university
“This year at the Macworld Conference and Expo, we hosted a number of expert font panel discussions at our booth on the show floor. The discussions turned out quite well, and for those of you who were unable to make it to the show, we’re happy to report that we recorded everything!”

Chris Bolton is a Finnish designer, not only does he make interesting work, but so is his site: It is built on xml and xsl styleshees, making it quite fast to update and in a logical way too.

Letter by Circle is founded by Dante H Carlos, and you will like it.
Outlandish is photography creation house for young Belgian talent, not to be mistaken by the Danish music group.
Hey that’s my pencil there

Last but certainly not least check out Tony vs Paul, they really are rivals huh?!

– S

A Bunch of crazy links

January 24, 2007

Go to Diesel.com and check their new site. They are doing some sort of viral thing which is quite funny.

Anybody interested in flash design experimentation should look at this, crazy stuff from the labs of Mathieu Badimon

Adidas Y-3 old but still good
Darren Firth
Banksy be sure to check out the shop its free of charge
Audrey Kawasaki amazing illustrations
Anteprima Japanese fashion brand with explosive site
Charles S. Andersen
Found Associates Nice work. Site by Engage
Christiane Beaulieu Yuo should definitely check this one out. Quite funny and good work, makes you wonder whats real and not.
And last but not least atypography site, the great Lineto

Werkplaats Typografie

January 22, 2007

nice work from Dutch firm Werkplaats Typografie…good work but the navigation could probably use a little TLC

– S

Sundance Film Festival & others

January 22, 2007

This is going to be super interesting for anybody who enjoys quality films, from up-an-coming directors. The Sundance Film Festival is showing their entries online!

Here is what they are saying: “Invited from the same short film program as its namesake event, this exclusive collection of premiere work in short filmmaking premieres first in Park City, Utah — and then rolls-out streaming to you. Free from anywhere in the world.”

And here are the others

Beautiful work from Mario Hugo.

And one of my personal favorite artists Lee Misenheimer from Brooklyn, NYC

Concept & Art Direction from Stockholm(via Newstoday)

– S


January 17, 2007

Si Scott
One of the guys behind Non-Formats’ illustrations the Si Scott is an english illustrator with a nice typographic technique go check him out, but be aware the navigation could use some adjusting.

The Precursor site is up here because of the navigation, it’s (con)text based meaning you can write directly on the site and request a specific project very much like the old days when you were using DOS and amiga, can be confusing sometimes so be sure to read how to navigate the site.

Area 17 refers to the optical cortex of the brain where vision and creativity are processed. It also refers to our Interactive Agency where vision and creativity are realized”
Arnaud Mercier’s company in NYC. A site with great work.

For the people who havn’t yet seen Adobe’ newsletter Edge go check it out it’s excellent. This month they go behind Big Spaceship’s Nike project and other projects.

Last but not least Goodby, Silverstein & Partners + Ken Garland


Links + NTMY(tm)

January 15, 2007

Steven Herrington
Illustrator extraordinaire Steven Herrington

You can’t get around Group94 on the net, they have made tons of flash sites and they excel at it as no other. Speaking of flash, check out these couple of sites Gringo & Ginga

Nice to meet you
Another community site for designers: Nice To Meet You, this is what they say about it:

“Nice To Meet You™ is (yet another) platform for creative people and companies around the world that urges its members to get in touch with others and have an outlet for their creativity. In other words, this is a space to promote yourself and your work – but even better – to get in touch with other registered users.We supply you with your own “ntmy.org/your_profile” where you can write a description about yourself or your company, as well as show examples of your work.

Nice to Meet You™ is user driven in that sense, so it’s up to our users to do what they want with the space that we offer. Comments, private messaging and a strong search engine are just a few of the functions that Nice to Meet You™ handles right now – with more exciting features just down the road. “

– S