1508 and the big apple

March 29, 2007

Well, we have been a little bit quiet for a while. One of reasons is that we are a bit busy these weeks – but also because we went to New York last week on a research trip.

NY is a fantastic place for studying and experiencing design. This city has just everything: innovation, pulse, surprises and so much creativity. I think all of us went back to Copenhagen with so much more design energy and inspiration – and some brain cells less :-)

One of the days we went to Williamsburg and hung out. We visited PS1, which is the contemporary part of MOMA. This place is really something. The art is fantastic and innovative. And the museum itself was also a nice experience. PS1 was originally the first public school in Queens (hence the name) – and the place has been renovated very respectfully.

PS1 Out

PS1 Art

Right next to PS1 is Five Pointz. Here you find interesting street art. Really cool paintings in an unspoiled way. In Denmark we really miss these kinds of art places – and specially a place for this kind of underground art.


Street Art

By the new Rix


Gamenight: Frentzen Victorious!

February 27, 2007

Once a while the development team in 1508 sit down and play some games. Long time favorites are Formula Dé and Unreal Tournament.


Hall rules the stats, the logs never lie.

 Formula Dé:

Heinz Harald Frentzen secures a suprising victory for the Jordan team

Heinz Harald Frentzen seconds away from securing the victory.


New design methods coming up

February 14, 2007

At the moment, we are working on some cool projects, where we are introducing some new kinds of design methods. Of course we will write about them on this blog as soon we have relevant references.


Soon you will hear a lot about our huge web project for Carlsberg, and how we have been working with the blue ocean strategy developing the design concept. You will also be filled in on an interesting identity project for the new biotech company, Symphogen that is approaching IPO status.


We are also working on a project in the field of service design, which is becoming one of our prominent areas of expertise. It’s a challenge because this business area is in progress all over. One should perhaps say beta-mode.

In England, several design firms have worked with service design for some years.  One of the good ones is Live Work manage by Lavrans Lovlie, who is really a capacity in the field of service design.

In March, the Design Management Institute is having a design conference “11th DMI European Design Management Conference” here in Copenhagen. At this conference, Lavrans Lovlie will talk about service design. Unfortunately, the crew from 1508 will not be around, because we all are going to NY on a research trip. Well… that will also be interesting, and we will do some anthropological work looking for some new projects in the field of service design :-)

The researching Rix

TimeLog Derby prototype

February 1, 2007

Timelog is a tool for registering your working hours used by 1508 among others. It’s far from fun or entertaining but it is a very important administration tool.

This prototype sketch illustrates a game that could bring fun into timelogging. Each employee has a racing horse that will jump forward when she timelogs. Each friday there’s a small price for the most diligent collegue.

TimeLog Derby


December 19, 2006


The strategy and the board

November 17, 2006

The first meeting with the new board of 1508 was held at Jomfruens Egede’s manor house. A really nice place to have discussions and do big thinking. The theme for the meeting was the new strategy for our business.


The crew.

Chrille and Niels

Best IT-brains in business.


M&M without nuts.

Ms Rix

Rix della Rix thinking.

Niels H

The chairman is drawing the outline of our business strategy.


Chrille is presenting the products in the area of development.

The board has two new members. Our new chairman is Niels Hermansen. He’s a really cool guy, with a head for strategy. The other guy is Niels Appel – CES at Microsoft. That man knows a lot about sales… but also has a real IT-brain. We are still looking two more members. But we are choosy which means that that process takes time.

Soon you will hear more about our challenging ideas :-)

By Rixixine

Darling of the month

November 3, 2006

Klaus BundvigEvery month a darling is selected among all the fantastic employees at 1508.

This month’s darling is our dear Klaus (B)undvig who’s working with information architecture.

Congratulation Undvig!

Gaming about the future – the future of gaming

October 27, 2006

We read about it all the time. The future of video and computer games. Leading specialists predict it’s going to revolutionize our world, and completely redefine how we organize our selves and interact with each other. Some even talk about games and the principles of gaming as the way we’ll organize how we work!

Obviously game design has some pretty amazing and promising aspects, but it’ll still be a while before we organize and base client and user participation around 3D-avatars and true ubiquitous computing (if this idea is still sound). I mean, in reality we are still organizing client participation around various kinds of workshop concepts.

So, what about good old board games, like monopoly? Can’t they be of some inspiration? We think they can – and we are certainly not the only ones. Since the early 70’s, different scientific groups and fields have tried applying the principles of fundamental game design to workshop activities – with promising results.

One outcome of this research is called design games. A game-like activity where participants are invited to share ideas and experiences – and contest the ideas of each other. Simple rules (like ‘turn taking’) contributes to structure the participation, and the playfulness of the game (i.e. dice and the game board) stimulates the creative potential of the participants (constraining participants to combine ideas, that at first may seem non-intuitive).

Finally the materiality of the game pieces helps visualize the state of the game and keeps the various discussions focused and on track.

Our very first Design Game!

As you can probably imagine by now, we see a lot of possibilities and future scenarios in this new approach, and we are attempting to adapt it and in the end make it a part of our UCD-framework. Currently we are in the process of becoming familiar with the concept, and we recently held our very first – and accustomed – design game (that’s what the picture show). A design game about future cooperation between teams and which core values to work towards. The game was a success. Although there, of course, were room for improvements. So we’ll keep playing. And posting…

Unhappy client arrangement

October 18, 2006

Next time we will consider choosing another client arrangement. FCK got defeated by Man united. Any ideas of arrangements with a guarantee for happy ending?

Dream team

By The President

The blue confession

October 16, 2006

We believe in strategy. We believe in methods. We believe in the blue oceans. We also do believe that blue is rather nice.

The blue team

By the real fan of a man called Undvig