CDX the game

February 12, 2007


The newest mystery game from BBC: CDX (by Preloaded)

as always the BBC and preloaded have delivered a crime story that just sucks you in. At first I thought what is this? probably something not that special! But oh I was wrong, quite wrong indeed, and the hour I spent immersed in the game, without any intention to do so, is testiment that this new game is pretty damn cool.

All from the graphics, which by the way are almost all videos, to the real cinematic feel of the of the story and the character. The only thing I can say is go try it for yourself and you be the judge of the quality of this work.



Google Earth on Speed

February 4, 2007

Have you ever used Google maps to look at those aeriel pictures, well then you’re going to love this. This site takes all the good, and available maps, and converts them in one place, and you can even choose between the different sources…looks sweet and the navigation is intuitive as well.

Lighning “S” of the Justice League of 1508

Do you know Copenhagen? – they do!

January 30, 2007


At our previous after-work meeting here at 1508 the creators of presented the ideas and strategy behind their new user driven website. To put it simple: The logic behind the site is that 10 Copenhageners know more about their own city than one journalist – so why not let them share their own reviews on restaurants, café and other places with each other!

But is more than just written reviews. It is also an intelligent database that compares user information. Thereby is capable of providing the users with suggestions for new places to go according to their individual taste and preferences.

It was inspiring to experience to the thoughts, drive and energy that these guys had invested in the project, and it will be interesting to see how the site will develop in the future. According to the focus that has already received in the media it won’t be long before everybody knows about the site. But in order for the site to become a real success people need to actively participate by writing their own reviews. 

So if you haven’t already visited now is the time to do it. – And don’t forget to write a review about your favorite – or worst – place in Copenhagen. 



January 30, 2007


I just couldn’t help but put this one out there, not just because it has a Japanese video intro but also because the works are pretty damn good. If you dont believe me go look at it for yourself and be impressed! i know some of you certainly have seen some of the work in the portfolio.

– S

Context is king

November 23, 2006

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about “content is king”, but things are changing. Content is just not enough. You have to offer content in a social context. That’s why Myspace and YouTube are such huge successes, because these services make you manage and exchange content. A Norwegian guy – Eirik Solheim – has some interesting thoughts about this issue.

When you compare Myspace and YouTube with a institution of culture, MTV, a trend is easy to spot. MTV is just another channel of information – while Myspace and YouTube involve and make people interact. That has an effect on how their sites expand.


So, offering information all alone is not really sufficient. If you want to have success – then you have to interact with the users.

By Ms Rix 3.0

eCommerse – I’ll teach you

October 30, 2006


Martin Thorborg, co-founder of Jubii and SPAMfigther, now unveils his experience with eCommerse. It’s published online and you can read most of it for free.

By Rudolf

A bit of viral

October 24, 2006

NBC smash hit series Heroes is keeping me at the edge of my seat every time it airs. The series tells the story of people who “thought they were like everyone else … until they woke with incredible abilities”. Dun dun dunnnnn! A bit of a cheesy setup, but it works. The interesting thing about this is the viral marketing aspects.

The people behind the series, have chosen to put out some easter eggs on the net, partly on and via one blogs. These easter eggs can be uncovered in the graphical novel that is released after each episode.

The myspace profile is Claire Bennet, one of the lead characters, and the blog is Hiro’s. Both are updated semiregularly to give the viewers a better understanding of the characters and their development.

However, I’m still pissed that the cheerleader I met on myspace turned out to be an actor. Bummer.