A bit of viral

NBC smash hit series Heroes is keeping me at the edge of my seat every time it airs. The series tells the story of people who “thought they were like everyone else … until they woke with incredible abilities”. Dun dun dunnnnn! A bit of a cheesy setup, but it works. The interesting thing about this is the viral marketing aspects.

The people behind the series, have chosen to put out some easter eggs on the net, partly on myspace.com and via one blogs. These easter eggs can be uncovered in the graphical novel that is released after each episode.

The myspace profile is Claire Bennet, one of the lead characters, and the blog is Hiro’s. Both are updated semiregularly to give the viewers a better understanding of the characters and their development.

However, I’m still pissed that the cheerleader I met on myspace turned out to be an actor. Bummer.

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