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With a little help from our friends…or we just want to pick your brains
TBWA in London has come up with an interesting concept, it’s a blog called The Lab. The idea is to let everybody with a creative mind, help TBWA solve their ad-related problems.

My question to you, dear reader – Do you think it will fly?

What’s your colour?
Adobe has made a very interesting homepage – Kuler, where you can select colours you like, share it with others, and rate it. Try it out at

Is it a magazine or a homepage?
These days you find a lot of very nice magazines, where the graphics and pictures are just beautiful. Now comes the hybrid between a homepage and a magazine. Its called Prova, and has the layout of a magazine, but the Flashy features of a homepage. 

By Rying

One Response to Click and comment – please :-)

  1. At first I honeslty belive that is has a good idea to use the network possibilaty over the net but when maior ad agencies starts to aks others t osolve theire ad related problems, I get to sceptic –
    1. If TBWA is not able to solve the breif then leave it for others to deal with – on fair ground meaning hand the account + client to others. simple rules of the game.
    2. Benetons Fabrica can do it because they deliver a whole platofrm for the people to work on and on more freely terms – not a pecky website…

    Regarding the colors its really nice to see that they are being looked at more but I would like to see Adobe that is a major player with color workflow could intergrate more of that in ti the site… for now is just a lite version of so no go from me.

    And the magazine – lets just say the articles dosent strike me as interesting…
    but poor content wraped nicely…

    just my 2 sterlings-

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